3 facts about Gold Star Families that you should know

Gold Star Families lost their loved ones in wars. These heroes are never forgotten, and heir families are always given respect. These are some facts you should know about the Gold Star Families.

1. They lost their loved ones in a war

Gold Star is recognition of a family member who died in a war. The stars were seen on service flags after World War I. Blue star meant the serviceperson was living and gold star meant that the person died. Many Gold Star Families wear a Gold Star lapel pin to show their pride. There are community groups that support others through times of pain and sadness.

2. There is a separate group known as Gold Star Mothers


The American Gold Star Mothers Inc. honours the sons and daughters of mothers who lost their lives in war. Membership in this group was originally restricted to those who lost their child in World War I. Laters, mothers who lost children in World War II and the Korean War were also included. Now, membership to this group is open to any woman who was a U.S. citizen or legal resident of the U.S. at the time their child died in war while being in the military services of the U.S.

3. Donald Trump’s offensive remark on the mother of a Gold Star Family created rage

Recently, President Donald Trump made offensive comments on Ghazala Khan, the mother of deceased Captain Humayun Khan who died in Iraq war in 2004. 17 Gold Star Family members have signed a letter asking Trump to apologise to the Khan family for his remarks.

The Gold Star Families are highly respected in American society. There are many organisations that support these families both emotionally and financially. Their loved ones who died in war will never be forgotten as they are the fallen stars of the country.